Del Moro Tower

Orvieto Italy Tourist Information and Travel Guide

Del Moro Tower is the historic clock tower situated in the heart of Orvieto Italy.  Built in the 13th century, the clock tower became a symbol of Orvieto's power and stability.

From the top of Del Moro Tower visitors can enjoy panoramic views of this picturesque hill town and mountains that surround it.

A reservoir was added to the tower in 1865.  A year later, the mechanical clock was added, along with two municipal bells.

Del Moro Tower, Orvieto Italy
Del Moro Tower, Orvieto

The 47 meter high tower is located at the junction of Orvieto's two main roads: Corso Cavour and Via Duomo.

It is believed that Del Moro Tower acquired its name from Raffaele di Sante who was also called "Del Moro".

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